Usually my headings are not so direct and such that it gives away the away the contents of my article. But, in this case the topic itself is so interesting and debated, that I decided to keep simple and precise.

So, what exactly are ghosts? According to the dictionary they are spirits of the dead body. Yes, that’s all the oxford dictionary says, it doesn’t describe it as a white apparition with a pale face and long black hair covering most of her face.

Surprised? As that is what you expected it to be, thanks to innumerable American films and even some horrifying (not that the films are actually scary, but most will scar you for life) Bollywood films. At times it seems that directors find no other genres but ghosts, and honestly, the ghosts in most of the films are pretty much similar. Even the faces of the ghosts hardly vary. It’s funny, when humans don’t look the same while alive, then why would the spirits look the same. Amazingly, a blonde human will also have black hair, once he/she is a ghost. The probable reasons can be- a) she/he got bored of his/her blonde hair or b) the ghost world only allows black hair.

The other amazing feature of these films are dresses. The ghosts are mostly shown wearing white long frocks. Now, if I was a ghost then I would be invisible to others, so why won’t I steal some lovely dresses and wear them. However, it seems they only prefer white drab dresses. And, not to miss, ghosts are hardly ever men. Do people really feel that women are scarier than men? Maybe during our periods, otherwise, we aren’t that scary (maybe).

Oh! Another fact-DOLLS. There is always a creepy doll. And the kid discovers it and gets possessed, and for the time being only the kid recognises the presence of a ghost. Why not just throw the damned doll!

The worst part is that these films inspire so many that people start ghost hunting. Why can’t we just leave the spirits alone? They at least deserve to be peaceful after their death. So, its better that we live and let them live. After all don’t we all say – RIP (rest in peace)

7 thoughts on “GHOSTS

  1. Nice one, with a good measure of dry humour too.

    The horror genre has become so overdone that finding good quality movies is an almost impossible task. That said, which is your favourite among the latest? 😀😀


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