What mistake did I do?

That you left me here!

Why did you abandon me?

When I was your own daughter

Why did you carry me for nine months

With so much pain and expectations

When you had already decided to leave me?

You left me in this world, all alone and helpless


What mistake did I do?

What harm would it have caused you

To feed me, love me and educate me?

Would you have left me like this if I was a boy?

Why didn’t you give me a chance to prove myself?

Why didn’t you let me call you ‘ma’?


What mistake did I do?

Wouldn’t you have loved it if,

I would have brought home all the awards?

Wouldn’t you have been beaming with joy,

When I would have given you my first pay check?

Or you probably never thought I could do such things?

After all in this country it’s a man’s job

You also thought of me to be a burden

Whose marriage will cost you a fortune

As girls are only meant to marry

Didn’t you for once think of educating me?


What mistake did I do?

And here you are my dear mother

Leaving me on this bench

Never even looking back and thinking

What I can do

Your sweet face as emotionless as a stone

And I wailing and crying thinking of my destiny

Will I live or die like numerous other baby girls

Ma will you tell me this

Would you have done the same if I was a boy?

What mistake did I do?









45 thoughts on “WHAT MISTAKE DID I DO?

  1. Yes, agree with all the comments above 🙂
    Just a small little thing I saw, which does not make so much of a difference in this poem but in the long run it would… ‘Mistakes are not done, Mistake are made’ 🙂
    Else, good work 🙂


  2. Well!

    This is very sad n yet beautiful!

    I understan the u went thru writing this poem. each word is advocating on that.
    Very wel done! bcoz I m also a believer of spontaneous poetry, which I think r very fierce and beautiful.

    My dear friend!
    Be well
    or the well becomes u!
    and rides u.
    All people have
    and lots of akwrd moments human life must pass thru!
    but I assure you, time heals everything n everyone!
    Time changes for all.

    b strong. b optimistic n b u!

    Lots of love n wishes from Nepal, mate


    n keep on doin ur gr8 job!
    see u so very soon.

    : )


  3. my dear sister.. this is not a men’s world, even though it is heard so. I don’t want to question God if he made this discrimination. let us prove who we are instead of letting ourselves suppressed..


  4. very honest and sadly a part of too many children’s history.
    Sorry it took so long to come over to visit you comment was in my spam folder (ughh)
    Keep writing heartfelt messages – your poetry and your voice will grow.


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